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catholic encyclopedia the true cross new advent - sources on the theology of the subject st thomas summa theol iii q xxv aa 3 and 4 with which cf idolatry the controversy in the tablet from 22 june to 21 sept 1907 petavius de incarnat xv xv xviii cenotes on the cult of the cross in pre christian times brock the cross heathen and christian london 1880 criticized by de harley in dict apol de la foi catholique, catholic encyclopedia history of the christian altar - the christian altar consists of an elevated surface tabular in form on which the sacrifice of the mass is offered the earliest scripture reference to the altar is in st paul 1 corinthians 10 21 the apostle contrasts the table of the lord trapeza kyriou on which the eucharist is offered with the table of devils or pagan altars trapeza continued to be the favourite term for altar, list of 19th century british periodicals wikipedia - this is a list of british periodicals established in the 19th century excluding daily newspapers the periodical press flourished in the 19th century the waterloo directory of english newspapers and periodicals plans to eventually list over 100 000 titles the current series 3 lists 73 000 titles 19th century periodicals have been the focus of extensive indexing efforts such as that of, words beginning with e words starting with e - learnenglishnow com words beginning with e words starting with e words whose second letter is e e the fifth letter of the english alphabet e e is the third tone of the model diatonic scale e e flat is a tone which is intermediate between d and e