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jaguar xk engine history buying rebuilding uprating - jaguar xk engine history buying rebuilding uprating dave pollard on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the 6 cylinder xk engine was fitted to jaguars for nearly 30 years from the mid 1950s to the mid 80s it still ranks as one of the most famous british engines having been used in a number of specials and kit cars, jaguar 6 cylinder engine overhaul 1948 1986 including i - excellent book on rebuilding the classic jaguar xk engine in it s various permutations some history on the development as well a real inside look at all of the internals of this engine, xj s parts sources the source for all jaguar information - any jaguar dealer can provide a pamphlet listing all the jaguar dealers in the us and canada if you think about it this is a useful pamphlet to have a dealer isn t always easy to find when you need one dealers will usually ship parts so they are another mail order resource